•   staayc U look adorable **since I've got some Chi Chi's I've dropped all type of foods down my shirt** now I know u got the same problem haha 4y
  •   uniquehope hahahhah staccc i love you. but seriously tho everything drops. lo such a great phone holder though :) hah 4y
  •   staayc Haha I'm use to food drop N straight to the floor & my pocket be N my phone holder "this is all brand new" hahaha 4y
  •   julianaquintanilla @staayc haha I have the same problem now 4y
  •   staayc Haha I know u be find N cookie crumbs in all! #prego /Chi Chi problem 4y
  •   julianaquintanilla @uniquehope @staayc haha a new storage space for snacks! 4y

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