datwhitekid Old Doodles haha 3y
  •   flossmonkey That's so good 3y
  •   nessaraychel Can I have permission to use this as a tattoo when I'm older? It's beautiful <3 2y
  •   nessaraychel Tyler, as you know, I love you with all my heart. You're everything to me, you're the reason I live, the reason I breathe, right now going a day without talking to you is pure torture.. I only stay strong and keep a smile on my face because of you. I know right now I need to be strong for you, you don't need your girlfriend breaking down when all this is around. Baby, you're perfect in every single way, you make me feel beautiful, like a princess. You're the most amazing guy I could ever ask for. You'll make it through this, I know it. I'm in love with you Tyler<3 I'm yours and you're mine, forever and always :,) 2y

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