oocha Made a new zipper pull for Scott's hoodie. #diy 3y
  •   oocha Now I have to scrunch it up and put it back on the dresser so he'll be surprised when he comes home :) 3y
  •   foodieguide Lucky boy! 3y
  •   oocha @foodieguide haha pretty much :) 3y
  •   constanzanatalino Love it!! 3y
  •   blrb Nice job! My fav st markers are made this way! What filament is it made with? 3y
  •   oocha @constanzanatalino thank you!! 3y
  •   oocha @blrb thanks! I am planning on making stitch markers like this! It is such a slick method!! :) it is nylon coated wire... I believe. 3y

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