marutaro Happy weekend!! 3y
  •   dannykwong Just adorable! 3y
  •   delalick Please ignore my comment above, just figured out it's Shiba Inu... Still, one of my favourites! 3y
  •   edlei1207 Cute, he's smile 3y
  •   kotora38emi39 可愛い♪ 3y
  •   modelsupplies I must show you Mug! It will freak you out - twins :) 3y
  •   k_fudge28 I have w Shiba inu as well. They look identical. 3y
  •   sam10goody So cute! 3y
  •   grateful_dead_bear I can't seem to get enough of you sweet dog . What a sweetheart . You are so lucky , as is marutaro. 3y

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