igersbeijing A quick reminder of the upcoming @igersbeijing photowalk, happening this Sunday.

DATE ? : 20-05-2012
TIME? : 3:00 PM

Organised by @joshuachopsticks and @hellochopsticks

Hope to see many of you there.
  •   serenapetrie @igersbeijing @beijingemily @joshuachopsticks we're still on! It's a gorgeous day! I admit, I'm bringing our small umbrella just in case, but we should be fine! 4y
  •   joshuachopsticks @beijingemily According to my Swackett app, there's only a 25% chance of precipitation (yesterday was 35%) and usually it will give me a measurement (guess) of how much rain, but there isn't a number. So I'm guessing no rain today! See you all soon! 4y
  •   iammyy I won't be able to make it ;( my tutee just postponed the tutoring session to a later time..boo have fun u guys! Sorry @hellochopsticks @joshuachopsticks 4y
  •   iammyy @rosarennt I was just at music valley! Very cool venue I must say! I wanted one of the crew black staff tee! haha 4y
  •   igersbeijing @iammyy  sad ... But I understand.. Next time  4y
  •   bigflowercat where r u guys, i am at the east gate 4y
  •   bigflowercat people dancing, everywhere... 4y
  •   bigflowercat shit...i thought it was 紫竹院公园 4y

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