malbc my neighbors have an outdoor shower behind their solar! You can't even make this stuff up! --- #country #gf_canada #explorecanada #ns #novascotia #instagood #instamood #iphonesia #shower #outdoor #outdoorshower #odd #solar #solarpanels 4y
  •   squab_ but no privacy??? wtf?! I wouldn't be using it!! 4y
  •   malbc haha, it's actually really private. There's nothing but trees, streams and blueberry fields for miles. someone would have to be creepin' in the woods to get a free show! lol 4y
  •   malbc @_squab_ 4y
  •   malbc @badtwitterer Antigonish! 4y
  •   appleheadjen Bahhaha! Can u say living in the sticks?? 4y
  •   malbc @jenniferpolsonphotography the shower wouldn't be worth it with the amount of black flies!! haha 4y
  •   brza Outdoor showers are a regular thing on most summerhomes we build! It's so wierd! Haha @malbc 4y
  •   squab_ ahhh well I thought you were like in your back yard and could see it!! if its all secluded then that's different. but still, I think I'd only want one if I was living somewhere constantly warm. 4y

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