deadmau5 Woohoo! My EMS synthi just got a sweet ass CV input upgrade! Thanks Dean! 4y
  •   mickmike12 Your the best dead mau5 4y
  •   awjt Lots of buttons lol 4y
  •   g_v0v_d @deadmau5 lucky I need tu get a new synth mine broke:( 4y
  •   codysorenson23 @beatnok 1. electronica is a type of genre 2. raise your weapon isnt dubstep. don't believe me, look up deadmau5 and it will give you all the genres, etc. 3. I do have a life hence that I'm even talking to you 4y
  •   lexaterrestrial Noo one can touch deadma5! he's owned top spot in electronic production/DJ section & probably in any other. F$&@ a Grammy in the ass 4y
  •   marisa.meow synthesize my insidez ;p 4y
  •   montebellomd8 Dean Batute?!? 3y
  •   c.t.guthrie You sunk my battleship 3y

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