kellywoodphoto Hey everyone! Here are some of my favorites from last night's "lines" share, #kwp_share_15. It was hard to pick just four photos, so for this one I picked 8 top images!
Thank you so much to everyone who participated I love seeing your work! Congrats if your photo was featured above, please let us know if one of these is yours! And share a story about it too about your photo if you'd like!

Also make sure to look around the gallery and comment and like other people's photos! It's a great way to find new people to follow!

Share this community with your friends and I hope to see you all again tonight! U
  •   amberholritz Yay! That blue fence one on the top right is mine:) It was a weirdly foggy night...and it really did look that blue outside. I took WAY too many pics... I think I hashtagged them #foggychattanooga... 3y
  •   amberholritz @smaku I love that shot. 3y
  •   smaku @amberholritz thanks! I like yours too. It's very ominous yet dreamy like. 3y
  •   smaku @amy4ness thanks! I like yours too; looks better large! Sounds like near company to work for. 3y
  •   kels_dav_ Ahhh bottom right is mine Im just seeing this now! Thanks so much Kelly! 3y
  •   kels_dav_ It was taken at a park in toledo, Ohio, looking up from in a gazebo. I didn't even notice the air plane in the sky until I looked at it later on! 3y
  •   amberholritz @smaku thanks! It was so so creepy out there that evening! 3y
  •   kellywoodphoto @smaku thanks for sharing, those are cool apartments! @amberholritz I love the mood of it! Very cool! @amy4ness my pleasure!! @kels_dav I didn't even notice the plane till you said that! 3y

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