postalpix Check out what these #PostalPix customers created with their prints!

Top left: @morelikejuly strings rows and rows of prints on this gorgeous blue wall. Who needs a headboard when you can have prints instead?

Top right: @kitkatluna uses an old photo holder she had for quite some time which turned out to be perfect for her prints. You never know what you have laying around!

Bottom left: @annaleelarsen used an old window as a unique frame for her prints by applying it to the glass. Neat, huh?

Bottom right: @liza_hale preps her prints out before hanging them up. We love the mismatched frames and the awesome clock! Can't wait to see how it looks on your wall.

Have a unique photo display or just excited to share us your prints? Be sure to keep tagging #PostalPix so we can share with our followers!
  •   this_beautifuljourney @liza_hale great idea! Love the display :) 4y
  •   huumluuv i can't wait for @postalpix for android! :)) 4y
  •   ccva The one w/ the clothes pins on the top right is cute! I put my photos on diff color and diff shape platters of all size and decopge them on their!! Super cute! I just did one w/ chalkboard paint and decorated for my sons room! It's super cute!! 4y
  •   mary_baby I love the over the bed idea!! 4y
  •   alovelylittlelife Beautiful! 4y
  •   glyssa_ice @kaaaaaty90 check it out 4y
  •   lifsbackbeats Can I not buy it from switzerland? :(((( 4y
  •   postalpix @lifsbackbeats Sorry, not at the moment! We're working on getting the app internationally, but in the meantime, we do have an international request form at if you'd like to fill one out! 4y

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