kreayshawn Me and Miss Florence Welch xoxo 4y
  •   mrshuff15 Lashes are popp'in !!! 4y
  •   oliviafelicia @kreayshawn im så glad that i find you on instagram i adore you!! 4y
  •   delia_is_dead she is so beautiful  4y
  •   chris_tane Way more talent than you. 4y
  • @avilachristine Lmfao. Why are you hating? What have you done? 4y
  •   chris_tane That's the beauty of all of this. I can voice my opinion whenever. Do you know Florence welch? I don't even need to stand up for her. Kreayshawn is funny and I like watching her videos, but I see more talent in Florence. So...thx 4y
  •   goin4thekill THAT HATTTTTT 4y
  •   samanthalaurenfit Jealous! 4y

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