miamiheat Mike Miller, Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers getting in some extra shots at practice. 4y
  •   b_fitty Good game, I have no excuses. I'll b talkin to u on the nxt one pacer fan @killrobbie 4y
  •   b_fitty Shout out to all of those who r going for the pacers just because lebron is not on their fav. Team.... God bless u all 4y
  •   angelatoro being fun means to believe even if you dont see the score! keep on heat! 4y
  •   energyinpower Miami heat will win 2012 NBA champions....the NBA just needs to make more money....come on wade only maKing 2 points..smh okay his a great player...the heat needed to lose tonight 4y
  •   jc8853 Good cuz they weren't makin them during the game 4y
  •   mariel.lontok Kudos to chalmers for really stepping it up, the rest looked so lost and didnt know what to do. And wade, I really like you, but men oh men when I saw that huddle w/ Spo...smh... Need to stop being a diva, let go of your ego if you want that title by june! Really disappointed! 4y
  •   angelatoro fan 4y
  •   jonny_da_bomb Heat is awesome 4y

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