rebelalliancered5 The last remotely decent Metallica song ever written. #metallica #entersandman #metal #heavymetal #soundhound #music #subway 4y
  •   forbidinjustice Anything after Black Album is remotely irrelevant, except for S&M... I thought Sandman was terrible, it vies for my least favourite song on that album. 4y
  •   rebelalliancered5 @forbidinjustice It's not TERRIBLE. But after this album they completely sold out their sound. St. Anger? That was shit. The song sounded real heavy at first and not bad, but they they unveiled the horrible sound that they changed to. Death Magnetic was a joke too. My favorite album hands down has to be Justice probably. 4y
  •   forbidinjustice Again, anything after 1991 is irrelevant, except for a few select songs from Reload and then S&M. Anger/Magnetic don't even exist to me, a complete disgrace to what the band used to be. Justice will always be my favourite, mainly because it was an angry album/best drums. 4y
  •   rebelalliancered5 @forbidinjustice Well said sir. 4y
  •   forbidinjustice Ah don't get me wrong tho, I have great memories playing it whilst I learnt guitar 12 years ago. Perhaps what has me irate every time I hear it is that poseurs who don't know Metallica ONLY know them by that song. So overplayed. Overused...mainstream metal. I can't even celebrate the song anymore. 4y
  •   rebelalliancered5 @forbidinjustice yeah. I know. It came on the radio at work, it's the only Metallica song that ever does come on. Lame. 4y
  •   forbidinjustice Yeah, any other Metallica song is usually considered too metal for the average American audience, I guess. 4y

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