nama.niku Just ordered this from #Mandarake MIB! Only 2,000円!#1992 #キン肉マン #kinkeshi #kinnikuman #kinkeshi 3y
  •   nama.niku $25 US. As cheap as a M.U.S.C.L.E. Ring. (^∇^)Wacky huh. 3y
  •   nama.niku Comes with two Kinkeshi, Kinnikuman and Mariposa. 3y
  •   nama.niku They still have the Kinnikuman team vs Zebra Team Ring, but not sure how much it is... 3y
  •   rylostsoultattoo Thats weird i have the same ring but it doesnt have the crane and the thing in the ring instead it has a net that attaches to one side. Then theres a rim around the front of the net with a track that a skateboard looking thing attaches to for launching kinkeshi into the ring 3y
  •   nama.niku @rycpe Nice, sounds like the Team Zebra or Phoenix version. 3y

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