ptrbndr Bye photojojo lenses. @iprolens system is here #iprolens 4y
  •   drux8 WOW!    4y
  •   ptrbndr @drux8 4y
  •   w4nk3r is this worth it? :) 4y
  •   ptrbndr @w4nk3r @flipit I really don't know, I didn't be satisfied with them and send iPro lens back. The case is terrible, really kill the perfect design of iPhone and the fisheye has asymmetrical sides. I except more for 200 $. So I wasn't be satisfied and now I will try olloclip. 4y
  •   w4nk3r @ip3tr haha thanks. I was looking to buy one, I'll keep searching 4y
  •   ptrbndr @w4nk3r iPro lens is great idea, but the realization could be moooore times better. 4y
  •   flipit @ip3tr Thanks for the update sorry to hear you were disappoint especially for that price! I'll continue to look and we let you know if I find a good product 4y
  •   tatum22 I want to get one of these so bad! 4y

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