badasiandriver NEW JOB, NEW COAT 2y
  •   annahuynh I want to sleep on it!!! 2y
  •   msihua Oh my god! I was contemplating buying that!!!! 2y
  •   bigbadblozza So jealous! 2y
  •   badasiandriver @annathuyhuynh me and mum were stroking our faces on it last night. You are more than welcome to do so when I see you 2y
  •   badasiandriver @msihua you definitely should it is so warm and lovely! What made you decide against it?? 2y
  •   msihua @badasiandriver no idea! I just bought the pink quilted jacket from 2y
  •   msihua Zara n that's warm too! 2y
  •   steevenvo How many cute baby polar bears died for this :( 2y

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