cherrywaves1 No11 from #viw13 taken on the way back down looking over to Wallace monument 4y
  •   cherrywaves1 @neily39 thanks, it's no bad doon here at allwere you down for a visit or for work? 4y
  •   cherrywaves1 @stefan_pn thank you Stefan 4y
  •   cherrywaves1 @amelie_and_richard thank youit's a spectacular view from here..always takes my breath away 4y
  •   cherrywaves1 @charleylhasa this is still one of the photos from my insta walk so it stayed dry that day..unlike today it's been pouring down with rain..kaiser was soaking wet after our walk 4y
  •   neily39 @cherrywaves1 I stayed for a day visiting various historic sites b4 heading to Loch Lomond, there is a cracking Italian Restaurant right in the centre of Stirling but the name escapes me for now  4y
  •   cherrywaves1 @neily39 there's a good Italian called mamma Mia's which is up near the castle or D'agosta and ciociara which are closer to the town..we might be going to mamma mia's tomorrow nightStirling is great if you love the history 4y
  •   neily39 @cherrywaves1 your spoilt for choice then  it was right in the centre half way up from the bottom on the left hand side?? Think it has rave reviews in Stirling so I would highly recommend it  4y
  •   mr_whiskeyjack What is that black building on the summit of the middle hill??? 4y

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