thegirlandherbulldog Happy 50th birthday @jaeeeeej ! I still remember when you were 21! I love you beyond words can ever express! Thanks for our crazy adventures and falling asleep talking about patoytoys ;) jk! But from the bottom of my heat, thank you for everything! For all your unconditional love and support. Even when you ignore my calls. Lol you have touched the lives of so many and brought so much happiness upon others. You are loved so much! So today's the day that you are half way to 50! Today's the day that my bf made you drink beyond your limits and today is the day that everyone from afar has expressed their deepest gratitude to you because of everything you have ever done for everyone! Love you Jae! I only wih Ivan give you the world cause you deserve so much more! 4y
  •   miss_slka Someone was good at pulling off a seemingly sweet sober dedication until the end... Lol "I only wish I can" is what you may have meant, oh Dani.. Insert "I'm gonna need you to sober up"?! comment here. Or just a typo & too lazy to revise UR long (& tearful) letter... Hehe. TAKE A SHOT for me you two, ESP miss bday girl. #fraudulentActivityGoingOnTonight 4y
  •   thegirlandherbulldog @miss_slka I know I'm so drunk! I just saw all my typos 4y

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