•   iamstephonallen Wth..I'm missing out 2y
  •   fr3shandcakey @stephonallen I know bro. I've been staying consistent. Seeing results here and there. My abs are finally shaping in a bit. Haha 2y
  •   iamstephonallen That's Whatsup bro.get it in.im slacking for real 2y
  •   fr3shandcakey @stephonallen it's cool bro. Once you get back from your trip, we can go work out again. Done with school so let's get it in everyday. 2y
  •   daitar_the_cunning Damn somebody's gettin big! How many pull ups did I tel you I'd be able to do? 2y
  •   fr3shandcakey @dantun11 yeah man. Been working out. Got to be fit for the summer. I forgot how many pulls you told me you were able to do. I just remember us trying to hit pull ups at your house. Haha. Then your damn spider got away. 2y
  •   o0_r_a_c_h_e_l_0o O snaps mike i see sum muscles. Been wayy too long since i seen.ya 2y

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