•   momofuku @_meanwhile nope, I've left. These were shot with a rangefinder 2y
  •   rachasaurusrex So good 2y
  •   shandiz I fall in love with these photos not just cause they're shot back home (Iran) but that u've done it amazingly beautiful . Like to watch them for so many minutes n search for further details in them :) 2y
  •   momofuku @shandiz thank you so much. I had shandiz lamb chops - yummy. Is that the same as your nick? 2y
  •   shandiz Lol.... Shandiz means 'little waterfall' n also the name of a village with a small waterfall in it... I believe the lamb chops r that village food delicacy n also name of focuse franchised Restraunt ...and yes , they r all the same thing.lol. It's kindda wiered that yr name reminds others of food n make them hungry ...haha 2y
  •   momofuku @shandiz are u still in Iran? 2y

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