boydfam Lollipop Sushi is popping! 3y
  •   missvllison Lmao are you sure?! 3y
  •   boydfam How long did we talk about watermelon yesterday @cheap__thrills ? And today is Wednesday, I've had a cut since Sat, I saw u mon & tues also haha! 3y
  •   missvllison Yeahh you right I guess I was thinking about watermelon wayy to much to notice the beard. Or even the days before that ahahaha But goodjob! keep it this way 3y
  •   thuymy27 Love the clean cut, mister @boydfam!!! 3y
  •   natashavianna @boydfam I'm not Asian enough 3y
  •   boydfam @natashavianna you worried about the wrong thing that's why haha 3y
  •   thevusa Son you cut the beard? 3y
  •   boydfam @thevusa yessir! 3y

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