letmalikyouniall Can you guys please help @horansbabe get noticed by the boys? She may only have 48 hours to live. D: imagine if this were you! You'd want to at least be able to speak to the boys at least once before those 48 hours are over & you... I just can't bring myself to say it. She's a directioner guys just like the rest of us so that makes us FAMILY. So let's make her dream come true before her days are over! & also make sure to PRAY for her. Prayers can change anything. TREND THIS ON TWITTER #NiallNoticeMia please I'm begging you guys xx #zayn #liam #louis #harry #niall #nialler #1dfamily #onedirection #directioners #5onedirection #1d #zaynmalik #niallhoran #harrystyles #liampayne #louistomlinson #daddydirection #haz #hazza #djmalik #djtommo #boobear #larrystylinson #niam #ziam #zarry #zouis #ziall 3y
  •   letmalikyouniall @nialler1993 I know there is a one in a million chance you'll see this... But I'm praying to God you read my caption & make her dream come true. /: 3y
  •   1d_makesmebeautiful Ok, I absolutely positively 100% want to help. But how do you know it's not fake? You don't. Anyone, and I mean anyone can say that they're about to die. Sure I'll help. But so many people are getting "hurt" these days and make these little tags to get noticed from the boys. I just can't stand the fakers. And really, why would this girl spend the last 48 precious hours of her life on ig? Why would she talk about how she was about to die? It just isn't really realistic to me. Sure I'll help, in case this is real. I'm not that big of a jerk. I just hope this is real. Actually, no, I really hope this is fake. 3y
  •   letmalikyouniall @1d_makesmebeautiful I usually think the same thing. This is actually my 1st time helping out with one of these things. But for some reason when I saw this I got a bad feeling & it just stood out to me. So I have a feeling it's real bc this NEVER happens. So I want to do whatever it takes to help. But I understand where you're coming from. X 3y
  •   1d_makesmebeautiful Thanks for responding like that, you've earned my respect. & that's hard for most people. I tagged a few old photos(: 3y
  •   letmalikyouniall @1d_makesmebeautiful thank you girl you have my respect as well! & alright (: 3y

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