erictakaba BG and the Clippers are staying at my hotel! #lobcity #clippers @wildwanderluste 4y
  •   kaili_kai I saw him and the Clips at Elways in January. They were eating at the table next to us and I got busted for taking pics! What are you doing in TX? 4y
  •   erictakaba @ryanyamz bro is getting married and I'm definitely going to tonight's game. 4y
  •   erictakaba @lasagna4one bro is getting married up here. 4y
  •   kaili_kai Wow, perfect timing! Congrats to your bro and his new wife! 4y
  •   kananimiura I should sell this picture to US weekly! 4y
  •   sterashita16 das mean!!! 4y

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