obsessedwconcerts Part 30: The boys are not your average boy band. They're not stuck up, rude, or the least bit selfish. We're visiting an animal shelter today. No cameras, no fans, just Harry, Zayn, Niall and me. Louis and Liam are on a double date. I long for a day Harry and I can go out in public on a normal date. I still don't know why he likes me, he could have any other girl on this planet. "Okay!" The enthusiastic, old man supervising our puppy visit claps his hands and leads us into a room filled with literately a dozen puppies, just learning how to walk, yapping and stumbling into each other. "Aww!" It's the cutest sight i've ever seen. I scoop up a little golden retriever puppy and stroke, um...him, and watch the other guys. Harry sits down next to me on the bench, Niall and Zayn on the other. He's stroking a little black lab named Suzie, he's treating it so gently and carefully, god he's sexy. "I want to buy them all." Zayn's sitting on the floor, nine puppies biting him, climbing on him, the sight of it makes me laugh. Louis is off in his own world, talking to a golden retriever pup in a ridiculous voice. "Maybe when we're married we can adopt some dogs," Harry whispers to me. It sends chills down my spine. Just then the puppy pees on Harry's lap and the moment is broken by laughs from all around as Harry scrambles to wipe puppy pee off his jeans. I really don't want to let go of my puppy, and Harry's comment gives me an idea, I call liam and he answers after three rings, "Hey Katlyn what's up?" "Liam, can we get a puppy?" 3y

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