lammy_uk Pic no. 100 - afternoon sun setting over the London eye & Big Ben 2y
  •   kitty_yeong I miss those days when I at uk... 2y
  •   lammy_uk @kitty_yeong you was in uk? for study or holiday? 2y
  •   hitoo8oomio I love this....!!! I think you catched London's atmosphere very well in this photo :-) 2y
  •   kitty_yeong Holiday 2y
  •   lammy_uk @hitoo8oomio thank you :) i took this during afternoon rush hour on a extremely busy bridge - i don't think the office workers were too happy with me! :p 2y
  •   lammy_uk @kitty_yeong it sounds like you have good memories here... don't worry, you can always come back another time! :) 2y
  •   hitoo8oomio @lammy_uk hahahaha! but i guess most of people understand your passion for photos and arts... when they see this great pic!! 2y
  •   sanju1979 Nice ... 2y

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