lindzrulz package from the best friend a girl could ever have // i <3 doha, qatar // 2y
  •   jeffinreallife Are you already there?? 2y
  •   lindzrulz jeffffff!!! :) im visiting my old nyc roommie in qatar this summer :) :) so excited - 2y
  •   lindzrulz ps- @jeffwcole - hope to see you this wknd or @ B2B!!! 2y
  •   jeffinreallife Oh yea! Foxy cleopatra and a ripped Fabio are a perfect match. Let's coordinate! 2y
  •   jeffinreallife ps- in retrospect what a dumb question obvi ur not there bc that's addressed to the office! 2y
  •   lindzrulz @jeffwcole hahaha - foxy and has a nice ring to it - and both are going to have fabulous hair :p gah - you are too funny!! :) 2y
  •   lindzrulz @treedom - youzdasbes tia :) i miss & love you so hard - before i opened it - I was thinking you sent me a Qatari man's beard =D 2y
  •   treedom Babbbbbby I'll send u a qataris mans beard next time!! 2y

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