•   fame63 @lastreetfoodapp in my world it's the perfect world !!! 2y
  •   defy753df So many border collies 2y
  •   fame63 @defy753df yes, we have 5 BCs. 1 male and 4 bitches. 2y
  •   amandis98 Jag älskar border collies det är min favorit hund ras 2y
  •   victoriagrafstrom Min lilla Baloo skulle älska dina fina hundar! 2y
  •   jamiehunterimages Wow a whole 'gang' of collies 2y
  •   naturenotes What are their names? Mine our Nell (14 years) and Fletcher (10 years). 2y
  •   fame63 @naturenotes there is Molle (1,3 years ) hes sister Abby (1.3 years ) big sister Bris (3.5 years ) and there mother Isa (8.5 years ) and Bee (9 years). 2y

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