mrgeecue Messing around at the top The hike is always a challenge and I love spontaneously setting challenges for myself. Though I definitely felt my back from last nite's workout. It made it uncomfortable, but not a problem. Time to start the day! 4y
  •   dktrain @mrgeecue Strength! 4y
  •   throughthetinylens Thanks for following. I have never been to this place. I live in SJ how do you get there? I am assuming 680? 4y
  •   mrgeecue @rvnningwild yea right off 680 exit mission in Fremont. Try it! 4y
  •   throughthetinylens @mrgeecue I will sure do man thanks. Ps I know you have probably been asked this buy how long did it take for you to get at your current body look? 4y
  •   mrgeecue @rvnningwild I've been on and off working out for like 6-7 years. On for like 2-3 months than off for a month. Last 3 years have been pretty consistent to put on muscle. And the last 4 months I leaned up to finally look like this. 4y
  •   sandycandy85 That's awesome!! I wish I can go hiking! But that's kinda impossible in Fl.. 4y
  •   weirdo.dendenn Do you gym at 24 in SJ? 4y
  •   thegirlwhobites Dang! Thats epic 4y

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