tobymorse Someone got me on there arm for life,Hey,I got Madonna on my arm for life so I can't say anything! 2y
  •   xmissmelissx You have an amazing perspective on life. You inspire so many people and show people there's more to life then drugs and alcohol and for that you have become an idol to so many people 2y
  •   brandongouge @xmissmelissx true that. 2y
  •   tobymorse Thanks for the kind words xmissmelissx 2y
  •   heyitsreid Amen!! Movie Wednesday? 2y
  •   xauliax That right!. Your my inspiration. 2y
  •   xxtardxcorexx Ahhh from the warped tour revolver cover. Right by skiba 2y
  •   allthedecentnamesaregone I have that issue 2y

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