bricekai Still love this photo! Thanks @jas1nephoto! 3y
  •   chicago_bills Some guy high up on city council called the cops on us and said we were skating the rail it was bullshit 3y
  •   bricekai @chicago_bills the rail is capped.......? 3y
  •   chicago_bills This was years ago 3y
  •   bricekai @chicago_bills fair enough 3y
  •   jas1nephoto @gregoryrdickson why's that a no no? 3y
  •   gregoryrdickson Just looks bad. Looks way better if it's hidden and lit up good. It happens though. 3y
  •   jas1nephoto @gregoryrdickson I put it there intentionally. I put it in the frame every once in awhile with portraits as well. 3y
  •   gregoryrdickson @jas1nephoto I have never been big on having flashes in the photo, even in portraits. I'm not opposed to hiding one behind someone for a good rim light, but being completely blatant and in the middle of an image just looks weird. That's just my opinion though. 3y

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