•   thrujenseyes oh r u guys taking this?!?!? I wish I lived by u!!! we'd take w u!! 2y
  •   kellys @thrujenseyes I really want to but it's $600 pp! :( 2y
  •   thrujenseyes holy shitballs!!!! yikes!! 2y
  •   kellys @thrujenseyes I know, right? Except it's ten weeks long, which means its only $60 a week, which is totally worth it. I'm so on the fence about it, though, because I think I can get a lot of good info online and in books/publications, etc. still, it sounds like an amazing experience! 2y
  •   thrujenseyes I guess when u stretch it out it makes more sense ...but for only one person?...that's the kicker for me. if u and e want to take it that's like a vacation! yes you could get lots if good books and online info but I'm sure it doesn't compare to living it in a class. ugh...tough one 2y

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