•   samartinez For as much shit as I give you Sabrina (which is a lot lol), I'll give you some credit here: this is kinda cool even though it's the pink ranger... Red or green would of been awesome 3y
  •   sabrinastarr oh @samartinez you love me and my awesomeness! btw the yellow one was always my fav, but she wasn't on display! ... I had to settle for the pink... was her name Kim? lol 3y
  •   samartinez @sabrinastarr haha I don't know about "love." That's a little much. For right now, I respect it haha. Yeah pink was Kim, yellow was Trini, blue was Billy, Black was Zach, Red was Jason and Green/White was Tommy. I still got it! I know my power rangers! But I'm surprised your fav was Trini. I've never heard anyone say that before. 3y
  •   sabrinastarr haha, yeahhhh... lol @samartinez true life I wanted to be Asian or black when I was a kid. 3y
  •   samartinez @sabrinastarr haha omg that is so unexpectedly ironic to you & your character in so many ways lol... You would fail at being either lol. How about just stick to being you, ok? lol And now realizing it, how messed up was it that the Asian was yellow and the black guy was black? Talk about racial profiling lol. Ah, the innocence of kids and their cartoons. And the many years later where you realized that the shit you watched was pretty fucked up lol. 3y

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