•   wrxhris Lol el paso Texas bro @bar516 3y
  •   bar516 Yea I don't know much about that side! I live on long island in New York! @chrisem9 3y
  •   wrxhris @bar516 I live right next to the border of Mexico and new Mexico it's a pretty shit city and very boring ha your city sounds nice all we have is dirt n rocks I wish it was green here 3y
  •   bar516 @chrisem9 i wish I wasn't so bumpy that's all! It's nice out here though! 3y
  •   ryan_scars @bar516 @chrisem9 I scrape everywhere haha 3y
  •   bar516 @sillylowsi don't you got a lip also!? 3y
  •   wrxhris @bar516 @sillylowsi lol i think anyone slammed is gonna scrape....damn man I'm trying to save for the conversion and rear lip! U made it look so nice 3y
  •   bar516 @sillylowsi how much it cost for that conversion!? 3y

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