onosama I want one #ct200h 2y
  •   kpain1 Whaaaaat ive never even heard of or seen that 2y
  •   kpain1 Looks tight though 2y
  •   onosama It's the nicest hybrid I've driven @kpain1 makes me want one haha 2y
  •   kpain1 Hahaha u bet man. Looks like pure luxury. Must be silent and have plenty of interior room too #grownman @onosama 2y
  •   onosama @kpain1 it's actually not that luxurious or big haha, it's one of the cheaper Lexus cars and it's smaller than the IS overall but has about the same legroom 2y
  •   juggernautb1tch Only in #white 2y

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