squishymew @raezu you can see how big he is here next to my Mum's legs! He's still very small, our vet said he only has a little more to grow so he will be a smaller Puggle :P 3y
  •   raezu Lol. He does look small. I guess the close ups make him look bigger. 3y
  •   abandonshipapparel How old is he? My girlfriend is constantly worried that our puggles will grow HUGE! haha. 3y
  •   tidybetty Aww he's got his Ted with him too xx 3y
  •   squishymew @abandonshipapparel he's almost 7 months, how old is yours? Our vet said he maybe has 20% more left to grow but he will be a small dog. You can tell he's not got a lot of growing left by his knee joints, they are small and in proportion. If your puggle has bigger knees and ankles then it could have some more room for growing into those bones! :P 3y
  •   abandonshipapparel Haha I just grabbed her leg to look at her knees, so hard to tell! One of our puppies is almost 6months old and a first generation (she looks a lil like frodo) puggle. She looks in proportion and she is about the size of a fully grown pug now. Our other is a 14 week puggle but she is second generation so has beagle colouring and longer hair. I think she will be smaller too as she still looks smaller then the older one was at her age! 3y
  •   squishymew @abandonshipapparel haha it is difficult as every puggle can look so different! Frodo is 1st gen too, he's a tiny bit bigger than a fully grown pug (the larger more chunkier pugs) now, but his body is small and lean like a beagle! 3y
  •   cakeboyx they only get up to 40 pounds. my baby is supposed to be 30 but he's a little obese 3y
  •   liiivethedream Mine is 28 pounds at 1 year and 5 months. She is done growing. She is a small 28 pounds though, puggles are very muscular so they generally weigh more than they look. I met a 23 pound dog the other day (i think it was a poodle or something) that looked almost twice the size of mine yet weighed less. Ha. 3y

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