erickahooper Hi I'm cute! And I'm home! 3y
  •   alybugs That hoodie is adorable! 3y
  •   lor_arzate Oh Mija he's precious. Can't wait to see him in person!! 3y
  •   missfelice Ohhhh he's beautiful!! Congrats you beautiful new mama and daddy!! What a perfect Mothers Day 3y
  •   lyssalovelee Wow!! That's So awesome you came home that quickly!! 3y
  •   lindsayormonde Yayyyy you're home!!!!!! 3y
  •   taylermcginnis Ahh so cute! 3y
  •   oneblessedwifeandmomma OMGoodness, he is AAADDDOOORRAAABBBLLLEEEE!!!! 3y
  •   erickahooper Thank you everyone!! I'm so blessed!! 3y

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