frankibnanas Romanian dead lifts.... Hurts so good. #vegasbody #julybabies #whateverittakes #itsabouttogodown 3y
  •   jamieejoycee Yeeeee July babies I'm on that #roadto21 diet lol 3y
  •   nikko_at_hbcarbon RDLs = my favorite. I'm 3y
  •   nikko_at_hbcarbon Back on them 3y
  •   frankibnanas @jamieejoycee you already looking slim though! Btw You planning a Vegas trip? I'm tryna set one up July 20-22 with my boy rob. Wanna joint it as well??? 3y
  •   frankibnanas @vrnikko first time doing it today. That shit is insane yo. It hurts all kinds of muscles. 3y
  •   nikko_at_hbcarbon Forreal though. First time back at it since January was Friday. I'm all sorts of sore still. 3y
  •   hellodbo I don't understand any of that lmao. But keep up the good work baby. *thumbs up 3y

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