nailcompetitions  MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK.. (no pics from google, tumblr, etc) so don't try to fool me.  No stamps or stickers only hand drawn nail art, also ONLY RELEVANT ENTRIES any irrelevant tags will result in immediate withdrawal from this competition so please, don't blow up the tag with irrelevant pics Painting acrylics are fine but the end product must be on an ACTUAL hand Please stick to single framed pictures, unless you have a different design on both hands, I don't need to see 20 angles of the same design As many entries as you'd like, just use the tag #nailcompetitions7 CLEAR PICTURES PLEASE MUST BE FOLLOWING have fun!!  #nailcompetitions7 #nailcompetitions7 #nailcompetitions7 #nailcompetitions7 #nailcompetitions7 #nailcompetitions7 2y

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