noh8campaign Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers! #NOH8 3y
  •   laurie_drawsxx Beautiful couple <3 xxx 2y
  •   d_isfordanny @sha_darling that's cute baby....we should do a photo shoot like this, minus the kid lol 8mon
  •   im_not_okay_i_promise @01_28_02 ikr just look at you! You're making America look like it isn't the land of opportunities. 7mon
  •   subroni @01_28_02 Really?!! What are you, maybe 11 or 12? And already at so young an age just seeing a picture of a loving family makes you think that because both parents are female it's "sad"? A loving family is always a happy thing, and this is a lucky and loved baby. You are obviously repeating things you've heard adults say, probably your parents - and THAT is sad. That they've taught you that families and love are somehow hurting America if they aren't man and woman. What's wrong with America? For starters, people like your parents who teach young children like yourself to be intolerant, or worse - to hate. On the plus side, more and more children in your generation AREN'T like you, in fact a majority shows acceptance of marriage equality. I'm so proud of my 11 year old daughter, who knows a good parent is one who loves and cares for a child, whether gay, straight, or any variation. There is hope for America because of kids like her. I do hope so much as you get older and are exposed to the real world and not the rigid ideals your parents or community have put in your brain, that you will be less ignorant and see that love doesn't threaten you or the US. And FYI: my daughter and I are both heterosexual and Christian. 7mon

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