bradkaaya Painting with my madre on #mothersday I wouldn't have accomplished anything in life without this woman. 3y
  •   bhopeee Angela Means > life. I love her to death 3y
  •   bradkaaya @bhopeee I just saw your family at the amc an hour ago lol 3y
  •   bhopeee Ugh couldn't go cuz I have a freaking ap exam tomorrow  did u talk to them?! 3y
  •   bradkaaya Nooo I just passed by them in my car when they were walking in lol 3y
  •   bangthedeuce tell her I said I miss her and happy mothers day 3y
  •   bradkaaya I did bro lol she got all happy @stewww 3y
  •   c_facegood #ByeFelicia LoL 3mon

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