silk_robot About to start on Mockingjay...Nerdtastic. 3y
  •   silk_robot @sousham Hey, I finally got around to reading this. Great book but I thought the ending was quite lame & anti-climatic... I also think she should have ended up with Gale &/or become the new president. @paigeanne 2y
  •   silk_robot @angelpro did you read any of them? 2y
  •   angelpro All of them, In about a week!! <3. I love a nice young adult book!!! 2y
  •   silk_robot @sousham & @paigeanne I also just watched a movie on Netflix called Battle Roayle (released in Japan in 2000) that's very close to the same idea/plot. Weird... 2y
  •   sousham I couldn't agree more. I actually wanted her to die in the end. I felt like the author played into the childish "Twilight" fans. @silk_robot 2y
  •   paigeanne Yeah. I HATED the end. TOTAL cop-out. I'm reading Delirium now. It's similar, but better IMO. 2y

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