carl_rahn Why #crazyhedgy has never been a featured game I don't know - OK, am biased having worked with the team behind this cool game# but featured stuff seems very #arbitrary to me - @steveustwo @millsustwo thoughts? #whaletrail also being very cool! #appstore #ios #iphone #ipad #gaming 4y
  •   olllywood Just downloaded it. Very addictive! 4y
  •   carl_rahn Cool @olllywood :-) some major graphics updates etc coming soon, also - see @crazyhedgy on Twitter ;-) 4y
  •   steveustwo In our experience you need a lot of PR for Apple to pick up on. That way you stand a chance of getting promo. I downloaded crazyhedgy a while back from I think an article on Gizmodo. So more of that type of coverage is a good way for Apple to listen. It's a great game. Maybe do a sale...reduce price, push through pr, drive downloads and that may also peak their interest. At moment great game, limited downloads 4y
  •   carl_rahn Thanks @steveustwo - I was pleased to get #gizmodo coverage, was a good accelerator - price variances have been tried, etc - fascinating market dynamics in this area, for sure - cheers! 4y
  •   8positive Marvelous post 2mon

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