bfrankdaking YOU GOT GOT!! Lol the bum life @dixiequeen_ 3y
  •   bfrankdaking @dixiequeen_ remember when I asked you to pick my towel up? yea ok.. Lol 3y
  •   queendawkins Omfg thats sooo different!!!!  tht was funny this isnt!!!!! 3y
  •   bfrankdaking @dixiequeen_ YOU GON LEARN TODAY!! Lol shoulda have me the towel.. 3y
  •   queendawkins This is soo not fair man! yall be so mean to me!  ughhh this aint funny  3y
  •   bfrankdaking @dixiequeen_ I shoulda took another one... Cuz for a sec you was DEEP in the sleep! Mouth open and errthang 3y
  •   queendawkins Brah this isnt right at all! i demand some sympathy  i was tired!!!!!!! Trifling!  3y
  •   gigivsginger 3y
  •   gigivsginger @dixiequeen_ stop falling to sleep everywhere.!! Nobody shldnt knw ths problem u have.!! 3y

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