•   spybou Hope you had a good time!!!! 3y
  •   georgina214 @spybou hey thanks!!hope u come back soon. Miss your creative pics! 3y
  •   kejtgejv Definetely would like to teleport myself there this second 3y
  •   georgina214 @kejtgejv it's definitely a beautiful place to visit From the little I know u here I think u would love it!! the beach is to dye for and chicheniza is like an hour away as well as some other amazing Mayan ruins in Tulum that overlook the ocean!! Just don't go summer time June, July, August too hot! 3y
  •   sonfix Reservaste todo el hotel? 3y
  •   georgina214 @sonfix eso parece Xavi pero no!! Tristemente estaba medio vacío el hotel. Pero esta foto la tome en la mañana cuando todos están zzzz pero mis hijos son tempraneros se levantan entre 5-6 am 3y
  •   kejtgejv Deffinetely, it looks Like a dream vacation. A lot of pleasure with a culture mix- perfection !!! 3y
  •   mallafre Wow! 3y

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