hitoo0oomio Appendix iii (Sheykh Lotf-ol-lah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran) 3y
  •   rockoh3 美しい写真に溜息がでます…現物観たら涙あふれるかもしれません…♪(^_^;) 3y
  •   comacosan このモスクやっぱりすごいね 3y
  •   matnana @hitoo8oomio is there any modern tile work being done like this in Iran? 3y
  •   hitoo0oomio @matnana Thanks for your question. First I have to confess that this is the best mosque I have ever seen in the world in terms of its art. Then regarding to what you've asked, I'm really not sure. sorry.. But perhaps yes there would be. I cannot think of any right now, though... Nowadays the government is making many modern mosques and tiles should be used there too. In dairy life I don't often go to mosques, maybe that's why I don't really know well... But I'll try to check it. Could be somewhere other than mosques. Thanks for giving an interesting point. 3y
  •   hitoo0oomio @ceramicomaco うん、わかる?うれしいすごいもんがこの世にはあるねぇ。。 3y
  •   hitoo0oomio @rockoh3 少しでも伝わっていたら、うれしいです。次回はもっと細部まで撮ってきますね。二年間でイランで見たもの、まだまだ山のようにあるので、これからも共有させてくださいね(^ ^) 3y
  •   comacosan いろんなものの密度がすごいね 3y

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