alexray_ Life is quite surreal #sunrise 3y
  •   dan_theman__ Yes indeed it is. please tell me what camera/lens do you (personally) use cause all your pics re sooooooooooooooooo awesome and because I might be buying a DSLR camera soon! 3y
  •   alexray_ @danjo2 thank you so much Im honored  most of my pics are taken with my Nikon s640 (its just a point and shoot camera) however more recently I have been using either the Nikon D300 or D700. This picture was shot with the D700. And i usually use a Nikon 17-35mm lens. Sometimes i use a Nikon 70-200mm lens also. I recommend Nikon cameras but I also know plenty of pros that use Canon. Its kind of a matter of preference of the layout of the camera controls and such. I would definitely test the Cameras out before you make a purchase since they are so expensive. Happy camera shopping! 3y
  •   daviefamily Wow amazing shot. So great to see some real beautiful pics on IG. 3y
  •   alexray_ Thanks so much @daviefamily 3y
  •   unicornniffler Gorgeous  3y

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