•   sovereign_fx @lucyj_specialfx these were made really quick and dirty. I made a clay sculpture first. Coated it with vaseline, then covered it with silicone. coated that with vaseline and filled it and colored with more silicone. You can see the clay sculpture, silicone mold, and appliance in the pic. 4y
  •   lucyj_specialfx Thanks @_sovereign_ ! All your work is fantastic!! 4y
  •   lovemakeuphair @_sovereign_ never would have thought to make the negative out of silicone too...nice job!! 3y
  •   stellarmtz U should totally do a YouTube tutorial on this!! I'm visual so I gotta see how it's done. Have u ever worked with Ben Nye noise and scar wax? I had trouble working with it. 3y
  •   stellarmtz Sorry...nose* 3y
  •   zombie_queen_fx12 @_sovereign_ awesome!! I need to try making prosthetics out of silicone, I've been making them with latex. Is it the same procedure.. Mixing both a and b and then applying it on the clay? 3y
  •   sovereign_fx @zombie_queen_fx12 sorry I missed your comment. Yes, it's the same procedure. If all you have is gel-10 or gel-00 for both the mold and the prosthetic coat the mold with a little vaseline before you pour more silicone into the mold to prevent it from sticking together. 3y
  •   j3reezy @stellarmtz when shaping it use baby oil and to stick it apply spirit gum works perfect for me 3y

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