nicifitness Oh. My. God. Seven days until my competition!! Seven days!!!! 7!!!! Haha. Today I start loading up on water. I keep training and eating as normal until Thursday. Ready to get it done!! So exciting!!! And must remember to practice my posing every day!! Lets rock this stage!! #contestprep #7daysout #training #commitment #excitement 4y
  •   nicifitness @theruman thank you!!! That's so lovely...thanks for follow me!! I have at least 5 meals a don't really get hungry for 'snacks'. Sweet cravings...definitely get them!! Hehe. Im much better now...usually I can just ride them out. Before hand I would sometimes have a little diet jam on a rice cake, a chocolate protein shake with extra cocoa and lots of ice (tastes like a thickshake)...if you have fruit, frozen banana in the food processor is like icecream. Also, mixing protein powder with peanut butter and a little water...form in to balls and roll in coconut, chill in freezer. Kind of like a little brownie ball!! But even with 'healthy' sweet alternatives I find they can lead to just more cravings. The more you say no and avoid it the less your body will crave it. Now I have more water, fruit teas (they're a bit sweet) or gum sometimes. Hope that helps!! Biggest tip is eating enough protein and eating'll have lead cravings and your blood sugar levels will be even all day long, so you wont yarn for sweet food as much (if at all!). 4y
  •   theruman @gymeatsleeprepeat Huge he, thanks for taking the time! I like the options you suggest, I have to be better to try solutions like that instead of just buying a bunch of cookies &/or ice cream out of 'convenience'. Cheers! 4y
  •   theruman (meant for that to say "huge help", btw :>) 4y
  •   nicifitness @theruman Im glad I could help! And yes, I meant to say the biggest bit of advice is not to buy junk food!!! If its not in your house then you have to come up with alternatives. Hehe. Save those things for once a week treats. Meanwhile there is a LOT you can make that will fool you into thinking its something naughty. 4y

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