•   pipstagram You going to Wembley? 2y
  •   samalamalam @pipstagram yeahhh you??? I got a job interview in Landan the day before so it fits in pretty well :) 2y
  •   pipstagram Yeahh, i'm so excited :). Ohhh very convenient, well done on the interview as well :) 2y
  •   samalamalam Got my ticket today £55 :'( rip off lol. Thank you! I'm gonna be in London for 2 nights on my own lol. Least I can IG the sights haha @pipstagram #expensive 2y
  •   pipstagram I know its so expensive!! My dads paying half for mine though so can't complain so much :'). Londons amazing you'll find plenty to do :) @samalamalam 2y
  •   samalamalam I'm going. My dads buying mine haha I got him playoff tickets. I'm in east London though near Essex :/ just take my laptop n play football manager haha. Gotta pay for hotel and travel there get a lift back up with my dad @pipstagram 2y

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