miocade Klungkung, Bali - Water for Life 4y
  •   rixa_x I like this photo twice - on IG and Flickr! Congratulations! 3y
  •   miocade @heshushu , if u mean post processing, yes of coz. Increase contrast and slight saturation. 3y
  •   miocade @rixa_x thanks. U from Flickr? 3y
  •   rixa_x Yes. I remember this fantastic picture, one of my favorites ever! 3y
  •   miocade @rixa_x . Thanks, i am still very new to instagram. Not more than 2 months yet, so would take time to establish my works and get support here 3y
  •   rixa_x This is my 9th month at Instagram. You'll be great anywhere, you have a distinctive and special work. 3y
  •   miocade @rixa_x , i rather everyone support www.facebook.com/ela.cip 3y
  •   danimodi soooo good!! 3y

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