brixbrand Smoke Weed and Shop at #brixworldwide 2y
  •   clarencehenry1 Word^^^ 2y
  •   dilligaf3x23 Buy what u want is all... Typo. And some of that chronic album also w doggy style from snoop. Great classics.. Even just listen to some old ruff ryders w DMC and the Lox ... I've cube ... Have a good day 2y
  •   dilligaf3x23 Dmx 2y
  •   matthewgreg @alecbukaweski I know so dope 2y
  •   ceetothadee Siick 2y
  •   ralphreignflicks True as well. But the MENTAL WAR IS WHERE THE REAL DAMAGE IS DONE. not that the "war" on "drugs" isn't absolute bull shit either. Just know "trap" and "brix" have alot of meaning. you'd like my music though seems like you know a thing or two. 2y
  •   ceetothadee Tag me in the next one @brixworldwide 2y
  •   azaleah_ I like the cap! 2y

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